Paper Bags

We supply brown kraft and white paper bags in the following sizes:

Code Size mm Size Imp Colour Packed
55S 125x125 5x5 White 1000
56S 125x150 5x6 White 1000
66S 150x150 6x6 White 1000
77S 175x175 7x7 White 1000
79S 175x240 7x9.5 White 1000
88S 215x215 8x8 White 1000
1010S 250x250 10x10 White 1000
1212S 305x305 12x12 White 500
77K 175x175 7x7 Brown 1000
79K 175x230 7x9 Brown 1000
88K 215x215 8x8 Brown 1000
1010K 250x250 10x10 Brown 1000
1212K 305x305 12x12 Brown 500
1014K 230x355 10x14 Brown 1000
1314K 330x355 13x14 Brown 500
1418K 355x455 14x18 Brown 500
1921K 480x530 19x21 Brown 500

We also supply random pattern paper bags, block bottom paper carriers and clear fronted paper bags.

Download our pricelist for details of our complete range.