Carrier Bags

Block bottom paper carriers with handles, available in white and brown. Available in the following sizes:

Code Size mm Size Imp Colour Box Pack
7108B 175x260 7x10 Brown 250 50
7108W 175x260 7x10 White 250 50
81310B 215x325 8x13 Brown 250 50
81310W 215x325 8x13 White 250 50
101512B 250x380 10x15 Brown 250 25
101512W 250x380 10x15 White 250 25
121716BTW 305x430 12x17 Brown 150 25
121716WTW 305x430 12x17 White 150 25

We also provide a a wide range of plastic carrier bags:

Vest Carriers

Available in a range of sizes and colours, including eco-friendly recycled carriers.

White Carriers

White polythene patch handle and vest style, available in a range of sizes.

Punched, Patch and Varigauge Carriers

An extensive range of sizes and colours available in boxes of 500 or smaller retail packs of 100, all available in store for collection.

Also available, black & gold boutique carrier bags in a range of sizes.

Download our pricelist for full details of our range.