Artist Paints

Artist Paints

We supply a comprehensive range of oil, acrylic and watercolour paints suitable for professional artists as well as students and beginners.

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We stock Daler & Rowney Georgian Oils in 38ml, 75ml and 225ml tubes in our retail shop.

Also stocked are Winsor & Newton’s Artists’ Oil Colour, these being the highest professional quality of oil paint made from the finest pigments.

As an alternative, we hold Winton Oil Colour which is a high quality yet economical oil colour for artists. Available in both 37ml and 200ml tubes and a wide range of colours.

We have in stock Artisan which is a Water Mixable Oil Colour. This is a genuine oil colour which avoids using solvents to clean up. Instead you use water. Supplied in 37ml and 200ml tubes and a range of colours.

Winsor & Newton Griffin ALKYD is a fast drying oil paint which is touch dry in 24 hours. Supplied in 37ml and 200ml tubes and available in a range of colours.

New to the market we now have in stock Sennelier Rive Gauche a fast-drying fine oil paint for all artists, professional or student, at a cost-effective price. The range consists of 60 colours in 40ml and 200ml tubes.

We hold Winsor & Newton Oil Bars which are a traditional oil provided in stick form that can be applied directly or with a brush. This provides a versatile way of painting and drawing and again is available in a range of colours.

We have a selection of different paint sets in stock at all times.

For an impartial review of oil paints, why not read this excellent article by Olivier Jennes. Click Here.


We offer System 3 Acrylic, an excellent quality yet economical acrylic paint popular with students and beginners and ideal for use in classes. Available in a wide range of colours either in 59ml and 150ml tubes or pots of 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre.

Also we do Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic. Economical and versatile with high pigment strength for professional results. We offer a full range of colours in 60ml tubes.

We stock Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylics which provide high quality colour brilliance that stays looking bright when wet or dry. Perfect for the professional artist. A wide range of colours available in 60ml and 200ml tubes.

We stock a variety of acrylic paint sets to help beginners get started quickly and easily.

We also stock Crafters Acrylics and Dazzling Metallics, these being a fast drying waterbased acrylic provided in 59ml bottles. Available in a wide range of colours for use in general arts and crafts. Adheres to most surfaces including wood, paper, canvas, ceramic, furniture, plastic etc.


We stock Daler & Rowney Aquafine Watercolours. 37 colours provided in 8ml tubes. An economical and popular paint for students and beginners.

There is also Winsor & Newtons’ Cotman in 8ml and 21ml tubes and half pans - another economical and popular choice for watercolour. Available in a selection of colours, with a range of Cotman sets in plastic boxes to get started.

For professional artists there is Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolours. This range offers the finest watercolour paints, the widest choice of pigments and highest possible permanence. Available in half and whole pans and 5ml, 14ml and 37ml tubes.

Designers Gouache Opaque Watercolours are noted for their colour brilliance and matt finish. We can supply 90 colours available in 15ml tubes.

New in stock is Brusho. Tubs of highly pigmented watercolour crystals that are applied by sprinkling on card or watercolour paper that has been spritzed with water first. Gives amazing bursts of colours across the page.

Spray Paints

We sell Montana Gold Acrylic Professional Spray Paint, an eco-friendly product suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Quick drying, high accuracy and low-pressure makes these paints suitable for most surfaces including wood, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, canvas etc. In a wide range of classic, shock, process, fluorescent and transparent colours. There is also a clear protective varnish spray with built in UV resistance for durability in matt or gloss finish.

The new Montana Effect Sprays are now in stock. These are Crackle, Granit, Marble and Glitter effect, creating stunning realistic, distressed and vintage looks and faux finishes.

All cans come with standard caps but fat and skinny caps are available.

Also Montana Acrylic Paint Markers to match the spray paints in 0.7mm and 2mm tips.

Poster Paints

A selection of ready mixed paints of vibrant colours of premier quality and great value in 500ml bottles. Ideal for classes and children.