Artist Mediums and Varnishes

Paint Mediums

There is a vast selection of mediums for all types of paint. These are additives which alter or enhance the colour of the paints, change the rate of drying time, increase gloss, improve flow or provide more texture.

There are also different types of varnishes for the final coatings of any piece of art which protects the finished work from airborne pollutants, dirt and grease and gives a UV protection to protect from fading or yellowing.


We stock the following Winsor & Newton oil mediums: linseed oil, poppy oil, safflower oil and liquin mediums.

We stock the following Winsor & Newton professional acrylic mediums: glazing, gloss, matt, flow improver and slow-dry.

We also stock Galeria matt and gloss mediums as well as their range of structure gels, texture gels and modelling pastes. We also have in stock Reeves gloss gel, texture gel, modelling paste and iridescent as more economical medium options.

Mediums for watercolours and gouache that we stock are Winsor & Newton’s Aquapasto, gum arabic, granulation, blending, texture and iridescent mediums. There is also lifting preparation and art masking fluid used with watercolours.

We also offer a more economical Blue Masking Fluid.


Gesso is a Primer usually made of a white paint mixture consisting of a binding agent with chalk, gypsum, and pigment. It is used in artwork to prepare a surface, i.e. wood, canvas, sculpture etc before painting. As well as White it can also come in Black or Clear.

We stock all three colours ranging from a student grade Reeves or Daler & Rowney to an artists’ grade Winsor & Newtons.


Our range of varnishes for Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours are mainly Winsor & Newtons. They come either in a spray or are applied by brush from a bottle. Available in Gloss, Matt or Satin. We also stock Re-Touching Varnish and Varnish Remover.


We sell a selection of gilding products that can be used for a variety of art and craft tasks including picture frames, furniture mouldings, restoration work, model making and paintings. Also suitable for decorating plaster, clay, textiles, paper or wood.

We stock Metal Leaf in transfer form in books of 25 sheets. The transfer leaves are pressed onto tissue paper ready to transfer onto any art or craft work. Imitation leaf comes 140 x 140mm in gold, silver and copper. Real gold and silver leaf comes 80 x 80mm.

Gold Size is available in 1-2 hour, 3 hour and 12 hour drying times. Usually applied with a sable or ox-hair brush. Gold Size should be tacky before laying the gold.

Liquid Leaf is a ready to use metallic paint. It is rapid drying and comes in a 35ml bottle and gives about 2 sq metres of coverage. Available in Classic and Renaissance Gold, Copper and Silver.

Daler & Rowney Goldfinger is an all purpose rub-on metallic paste which gives a professional finish with no sign of metallic particles or smears. Available in Sovereign and Antique Gold, Copper and Silver.


We stock a premium low odour white spirit for brush cleaning, paint thinning and general purpose use, available in 750ml and 2 litre bottles.

Genuine Turpentine is a high quality turpentine for art, craft and DIY projects.

Zest-It is an oil paint dilutant and brush cleaner which is an alternative to white spirit and turpentine with a pleasant citrus orange smell.


Fixatives are used to protect pastel and charcoal work. Applied by spraying lightly to finished artwork to stop smudging and discoloration.

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