Artist Brushes

Artist Brushes

A quality brush is the most important tool available to an artist.

We stock a wide range of brushes suitable for a broad spectrum of users, from beginners through to professionals.

Although any brush can be used for any purpose, certain brushes are better suited to particular mediums.

For example, sable brushes are well suited to watercolours. Hog brushes are traditionally used with oils. And synthetic brushes work very well with acrylics.

We offer brush sets for these purposes, with a selection of shapes and sizes to help get you started.

Daler & Rowney Graduate Range

This range of brushes offers an incredibly cost-effective option for watercolour, oil and acrylic painting.

Brushes are available with synthetic, natural bristle, pony and black & white goat.

Graduate brushes are available in a range of sizes and the following shapes: round, flat, rigger, wash, filbert, angled, fan, mop and one-stroke.

These brushes are ideal for students and beginners.

All our Graduate brushes are priced at £2.35 each.

Pro Arte Brushes

Pro Arte is a name synonymous with brushes. They produce high quality brushes, with a range of natural, synthetic and mixed brushes. These brushes are designed for professional artists demanding range and quality.

We stock the following Pro Arte brushes:

Prolene. A synthetic brush designed to replicate sable, but at a lower price and offering a longer life. Identified by its distinctive black handle and white tip.

Prolene Plus. A more refined brush, with laquered wood handles and gold ferrules.

Connoisseur. A mixed sable and synthetic blend provides a long lasting, high quality brush. Identified by its black handle and magenta and white tips.

Acrylix. With the rise in popularity of acrylic paints, a synthetic oil hog replacement was developed using a material called Taklon. Identified with its short rosewood handle, these brushes have earned a loyal following amongst acrylic artists.

Polar. A synthetic, white nylon brush suitable for all purposes. Identified by its white handle and filament.

Hog. Available as 'B Hog' suitable for professionals, and 'C Hog' which are better suited to students and beginners. These brushes are made with Chinese Bristle and are best suited for use with oils, especially blending. B Hog brushes are identified by their cream handle, whereas the C Hog brushes have a blue handle.

Pro Arte Twistgrips

A budget range of general purpose brushes made of synthetic hair suitable for most media applications.

Available in a range of sizes and the following shapes: round, flat, rigger, wash, filbert, angled, fan, mop and one-stroke.

Pro Arte Minature Range

A selection of flat brushes available in a range of sizes, suitable for fine and detailed work.

Available in 10/0, 5/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 1/8

Varnish Brushes

A selection of 1", 2" and 3" brushes, primarily designed for applying varnish coats, but of course also useful for applying large areas of most medias.

Made with best quality ox hair to ensure no brush marks are left behind.

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