Artist Accessories

Artist Accessories

We stock a useful range of accessories for all types of arts and crafts.


We have a range of plastic and porcelain palettes in stock, suitable for mixing all paints.

Choose from deep stackable trays, oblong, round, kidney or flower shaped, and with various numbers of wells.

We also stock large flat oval palettes, perfect for mixing oils.

Tear-off paper palettes provide a convienient disposable pallette and Stay Wet palettes help to keep acrylic paint moist.




We stock 3M Mount Spray, Display Mount, Re-Mount and Photo-Mount in spray cans.

For those on a budget, Re-Tac and High-Tac Mount Spray aerosol cans offer a more economical option to the 3M products.

Ultratape Spray Adhesive is an exceedingly strong adhesive in an aerosol for easy application for bonding materials such as fabric, wood, concrete, metal, plastics, rubber and polythene.

PVA General Purpose Adhesive is a versatile artists medium and wood adhesive. Supplied in 5ltr, 1ltr, 500ml and 100ml bottles.

Childrens washable PVA glue is available in 500ml bottles. We also sell plastic glue spreaders - perfect for getting an even spread of adhesive!

In tubes we offer a selection of adhesives: silicone glue, super glue and UHU, an all-purpose adhesive.

In stick form we have economy glue sticks, glitter glue and Pritt stick.

We also sell Studio Gum and Elmers Rubber Cement, Powdered Hide and Rabbit Skin Glue.


We stock a range of modelling clay used for a variety of arts and crafts.

Das clay is soft and pliable, comes in white or terracotta colour and air dries hard so no need for firing.

Newclay is an off-white clay and is also air hardening. Suitable for modelling and crafts and ideal for children as well as adults.

Fimo and Super Sculpty which are baked in the oven after shaping to harden. Both products come in a range of colours.

Plaster of Paris for fine casting and model making.

Stone Plaster, which is a specialist moulding plaster, gives a hard finish but with a slower setting time.

Newplast is a waterproof oil based modelling material which remains soft and comes in a range of colours.

Modroc which is a high quality plaster of pregnated bandages used for making masks and moulds. Soak in warm water and wrap around to make a cast.

Milliput which is a cold setting two part epoxy putty used for porcelain restoration, modelling and sculpting crafts and models. Comes in black, white, terracotta, yellow grey and silver.

Moulding Latex a liquid rubber emulsion which air dries to form a thin peelable mould. Use with a latex thickener to reduce running.

Clear Casting Resin.

We also stock wire modelling tools.


Cutting Mats

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